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Thursday, May 24, 2018

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Illuminati Corporate Logos

Analog is safer - Please help set a precedent!

Michelle Mancini of Bluffton, SC will be defending herself at trial on June 15th. She was able to get a continuance of the trial date and the judge has ALLOWED evidence of smart meter dangers at her trial! Michelle has had to study up on the law and, unable to attend to her usual work as this criminal charge looms over her, she has maxed out her credit cards on copies, court fees, certified mail in conducting her defense. If Michelle wins at trial, she will avoid jail and may also set a legal precedent for other smart meter cases, so please watch the video and contribute to her Paypal Pool -- whatever you feel comfortable with!

Michelle says: Palmetto Electric Cooperative of Bluffton, South Carolina had me arrested for replacing their harmful "smart" meter with an analog meter after they had refused for over two years to respect my many requests and communications. While I was in jail, Palmetto came and installed a new surveillance device on my home with three locks on the box. "Smart" meters are anything but, and one of the worst things they do is threaten health and lives by their emissions, which can be radio-frequency radiation (RF), electromagnetic fields (EMF), or both. Plus, they are not grounded and can set a house on fire. I began to suffer negative health effects from the meter forced on me, and I am now preparing to stand trial and defend myself successfully, or go to jail. Please help me fight this battle. Our freedom is collective. My success is everyone's success! This is known as LEGAL PRECEDENT. The more quickly we can raise awareness and get these meters off our homes and businesses, the better.